Violin Sheet Music

As described in an earlier post, I decided to learn to play the violin. As someone with no musical experience and who at one point “hated music” (maybe it started when I was kicked out of the Sunday school choir for taking large side-side steps), I definitely had a lot to learn.

So when I finally learnt to read sheet music, excited about the opportunities it opened, I quickly realized it was hard finding sheets for songs I wanted to play – primarily Ghanaian gospel music. Most instrumentalists, I realized, tended to pick up notes directly from music and played accordingly, without transcription. Sheets seemed restricted to big choirs – to which I did not have direct access.

This inspired me to transcribe songs I learned to play by ear. I use Musescore for creating the sheets because of its ease of use and also because it has a great android app and free sheet music database. The android app has features that allow you to change the tempo, transpose the notes, select a single instrument from a whole score, music synthesis and its a pleasure to use while practicing.

To clarify, the transcription process primarily consisted of me shifting notes along the staff and adjusting the lengths till it sounded like the song…or how I thought the song or a remix I liked sounded like. Basically its not Beethoven.

Relevant XKCD

So in this post, I will provide a links to the sheets I have created or transcribed for the violin for songs I was interested in; those whose sheets were unavailable online. I found a good collection of pdf sheets for Ghanaian Music from James Varrick-Armaah here.

I realized Musescore limits uploaded scores to 5 (without a Pro Account), so I would not be able to upload all the scores I have worked on. I will update this page with direct download links to the scores. You can check my Musescore page for my most recent uploads.

Sheet Music for:


PDF links

You can comment with corrections, suggestions, copyright claims, and I would try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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